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Welcome to the virtual law office of Jordan Law, LLC.  Jordan Law was founded to provide affordable legal advice on Delaware law.  My clients include small business owners, skilled professionals, and individuals looking for advice on a variety of issues.  In particular, I help business owners and skilled professionals navigate their way through the dozens of state and federal regulations promulgated daily.  I am one of the few practitioners in Delaware who actively monitors the state and federal register of regulations for regulations that affect my clients' livelihood.    

The links above will help you navigate around the site.  On the Services button you will find a sample of some of the legal services I provide.  The Contact button lets you e-mail your information to me.   Remember,
 whatever your legal need, just call Jordan Law!
About Me
   I am lucky to be working a career that I love.  I grew up in Delaware and  attended the University of Delaware.  I spent two years as a United States  Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria. When I returned home, I enrolled in Villanova University School of Law, where I graduated in 2010.  
     I was admitted to practice in Delaware in December 2010.  Meantime, I  clerked for the Honorable Fred S. Silverman, which was a wonderful and formative experience that gave me an insider's view into Delaware's courts.  
    I started Jordan Law, LLC, in 2013 to provide  affordable legal advice in  plain English.  That means you get legal advice without the jargon and at a price you can afford.  

    In my spare time, I love spending time with my very patient wife and our daughter.  I also enjoy listening to all forms of American music, especially country and country blues.